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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How Does the OvertureXL process work?

    OvertureXL is a cloud-based, fully supported software system that works along with the Overture Employer App to ensure that you have proper coverage for all your future shifts. We assist our clients in managing the applicant tracking, scheduling, and staffing of internal and temporary employees.

    OvertureXL is not a staffing agency. We believe in leveraging technology to ensure healthcare employers have enough staff. Our system is used by healthcare professionals to select the shifts they want to work and is used in conjunction with those inside your organization tasked with staffing and shift coverage. The objective is to ensure our clients have proper coverage for all their shifts and healthcare professionals have the flexibility to select their own schedules and improve their lifestyle/workstyle balance.

    We contract with employers of all sizes and provide them with the OvertureXL system and fully supported process. OvertureXL provides the candidate marketing and country-wide search for qualified candidates and then has them create their profiles inside the OvertureXL system.

    Once the candidates’ profile is completed, there is an initial review done by OvertureXL to ensure they are qualified and are represented properly by their profile. Then, we approve the profile, which healthcare professionals in front of you for review.

    All of this takes place in our system.

    When you have an interest in a qualified candidate, you can indicate this in the system and the system informs the candidate by email and text that there is an OvertureXL employer interested in them. OvertureXL does not disclose the name or contact information of your facility. We want our employers to be in control of the process and avoid creating an influx of inquiries by the candidates directly into your facility. When you are ready to proceed further, you indicate a request for interview in the system and the candidate will receive another communication from you to arrange an interview. At that time, the candidate is made aware of who you are, and communications can then occur directly between you and the candidate to arrange the interview. You conduct the interview as you would normally with your internal process and procedures.

    If the interview goes well, the candidate is "authorized" by you in the OvertureXL system, which allows the individual to download the Overture Employer App. From that point forward, candidates will be instantly notified of open shifts posted by you. They can claim open shifts at their discretion through the Overture Employer App. The App maintains their schedule and allows them to check-in and check-out for their shifts. Once a shift is completed, that shift occurrence goes into an approval cycle with you. We target the shift approval time to be no longer than 24 hours. Once the approval occurs, if it is less than 1 hour prior to the close of the candidate’s bank, they will be paid by OvertureXL that same day. If they are using an App for payment such as PayPal, Venmo, etc., then payment will happen the same day regardless of the time of shift completion. Candidates will be notified when payments are made. All payments made by OvertureXL to our candidates are done on a 1099 basis through us.

    When you create shifts, you are indicating what criteria and qualifications are required for that shift. The decision as to which candidates you express interest in and ultimately authorize, rests in your hands. OvertureXL is the system and the fully supported process that you use. OvertureXL does not participate in the decision-making as to which candidates get an interest notification or interview. OvertureXL cannot indicate what the time frame is for you to review, express interest, interview, and provide authorization - It is entirely up to your process and individual needs.

    There are many employers and open shifts given the current workforce shortages in the U.S. and we do not anticipate the shortage to be relieved any time soon. OvertureXL can also offer a fixed radius exclusive use option for our employers.

  • How do I contact OvertureXL to schedule a demonstration of the product and service?

    Simply fill out the contact form below or navigate to the Contact Us tab on our website and we will reach out to you to schedule a demo.

  • How do I create my company profile?

    Once you have your initial meeting with the OvertureXL team and decide to move forward, we will send you all the details you need to set up your account and add the required information in order to proceed with OvertureXL’s software and service.

  • How does OvertureXL attract so many qualified candidates?

    Today's workforce wants more control over their life-style and work-style balance. OvertureXL is paying temporary, authorized candidates in as little as 24 hours for their shift coverage at a higher hourly rate as a 1099 contractor. These benefits are so compelling, that we are constantly increasing our pool of available candidates across the country through advertising, social media, social media groups, and other highly effective marketing methodologies used in today’s business environment.

  • How do I review candidates who are part of the OvertureXL network to determine their fit with my organization?

    The OvertureXL platform allows you to see every candidate in the OvertureXL system by searching the database by distance from your location(s), candidate qualifications, certificates, years of experience, detailed resume, and other critical information you need to determine if they are qualified for an interview.

  • How do I schedule and interview candidates that appear to be qualified to cover shifts at my location?

    The OvertureXL platform allows you to indicate you are interested in meeting with a candidate by changing their status in our system to “Interview”. When that status is triggered, the candidate receives an email and text notification of your interest to set-up an interview. From there you can schedule an interview just as you normally would.

  • After I interview the candidate and I want to move forward with them, what action do I take?

    Simply change the candidate’s status to “Authorized” in the system and they become part of your candidate pool of authorized healthcare professionals who can claim open shifts posted by your organization.

  • What action do I take if the candidate I interview does not meet my expectations?

    Simply change the candidate’s status to “Not Interested” in the system and they will be categorized in a way that they will not be authorized to see open shifts posted by your organization in the OvertureXL platform. The OvertureXL functionality allows you to see all candidates in your network regardless of their status. At any time, you can change the status of a candidate.

  • How do I post my open shifts to the OvertureXL platform?

    Posting open shift requirements is very easy through the OvertureXL platform. There is a process to enter in the details of the shift and the requirements the candidates needs to meet. The system will show you eligible candidates who meet your shift requirements. From there, you can choose to post the shift opening to the system and you authorized pool of candidates who meet those requirements are automatically notified through a push notification in the Overture Employer App.

  • How do I track everything and manage the status of my shift postings?

    The OvertureXL platform has an incredible, color-coded management dashboard which allows you to easily see, manage, and navigate every aspect of your open shifts and the candidates who have claimed them. One of the best features of the system is the real-time GPS enablement which notifies you of expected arrival times, check-in times, and check-out times. You can see in real-time the whereabouts of the candidates who claimed your open shifts starting up to one hour prior to the shift start. This allows you to have complete confidence in their arrival times. The system will consistently inform you of early or late arrival times as well as check-in times, so you are confident your shifts are covered properly. Think of this feature as one you may have used when using an App from a ride share service. You will be able to see where the candidate is by looking at the GPS icon on your dashboard.

  • How do my authorized candidates get paid?

    Authorized candidates check-in and check-out for their shifts through the Overture Employer App. Once this is done, it automatically begins an approval cycle based on what you set up for that specific shift. You can have up to 3 people in the approval cycle for a specific shift. When all the people you designate to approve shifts have approved the shift performance, the OvertureXL administration department is notified immediately through the system and funds are dispersed to the pre-determined bank account or money transfer App favored by the candidate. It is our goal to pay candidates for their completed shifts within 24 hours. This means the approval cycle inside your organization needs to be effective and timely. Candidates working shifts utilizing the OvertureXL process are paid on a 1099 basis. Internal employees you manage with the OvertureXL technology are paid through your existing payroll function.

  • Can I rate the performance of the authorized candidates?

    Yes, and it is both unique and simple! Using the OvertureXL dashboard, anyone who is part of the shift approval cycle in your organization can leave a review regarding the performance of a candidate after the shift is completed. Reviews are prominently displayed on the OvertureXL dashboard so you can see a candidate’s overall performance. There are also rules and guidelines about candidate performance which can affect their ability to participate with OvertureXL, which will be reviewed in further detail when you book a demo with us.

  • Can I schedule my open shifts far in advance?

    Yes, this is really the heart and soul of the system for employers who have consistent shift coverage shortages. You can post as many open shift opportunities as you wish into the future and the OvertureXL dashboard will manage everything for you very easily. You will see all of your shift postings, sorted in any way you establish so you can easily see where you may have openings. Don’t forget, you are tracking the location and arrival time of all candidates who have committed to a shift. This is a prominent tool on the OvertureXL dashboard.

  • What happens if a candidate cancels a shift they claimed?

    There are system rules we set up together in the OvertureXL system that defines how you want a shift cancelation to be managed. The easiest method is the shift immediately gets posted again for another candidate to claim. There are also other methods you may choose to follow which are very easy to setup in the OvertureXL system. You will have ultimate flexibility with this feature. Candidates who cancel a committed shift may face a ratings reduction based on how soon the cancellation occurs before the shift starts and if repeated instances of cancelling shifts occur. In that scenario, the candidate may possibly be excused from using OvertureXL.

  • What is OvertureXL’s responsibility?

    Simply put, the OvertureXL team and system are here to make sure everything runs smoothly and well beyond your expectations. We are here to ensure you are working with exceptional candidates and the system supports all your workforce processes and procedures. The OvertureXL team is responsible for the overall smooth operation of every aspect of the system. Our responsibility is simple: Ensure the system is functioning properly 24/7 and transactions are completed by candidates and employers in a timely manner - so everyone is extremely satisfied with the outcome!


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