About Us


About Us

OvertureXL is a highly advanced and secure system that solves many of today’s workplace operating issues.

OvertureXL is backed by our professional staff who each have over 20 years of experience across a wide breath of businesses including; Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Finance, Operations, Customer support, and many more.

Candidates – OvertureXL helps you balance your lifestyle and workstyle to provide you with more choices and control in your schedule. Enjoy the opportunity to earn more money on an hourly basis and get paid much faster for your efforts than what you are typically used to.

Employers – Reduce the operating costs currently being charged to your organization by third party and per diem agencies that are taking advantage of labor shortages. Unlike any of the agencies you are currently working with, OvertureXL allows you to search, express interest, interview, and ultimately authorize candidates that meet your requirements so that they can respond quickly and accurately to the open shift opportunities you post.

OvertureXL is a win-win for both the Candidates and the Employers who are using the system. Candidates can balance their lifestyle and workstyle and make more money while controlling their schedule. Employers can drastically reduce your expenses involved with third party agencies and fill shift vacancies with highly qualified, high-performing individuals that meet your needs 24/7.

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